Just curious.
I thought my computer would be good enough to run PCSX2 without issue, the game im attempting is FFX, but for some reason it wont keep more than 35-40 fps. My only concern is my processor, at 1.4 x4.
anyway heres some specs.
amd a6-3400m APU with 1.4 ghz
8gb of ddr3 ram
AMD radeon HD6520G

any other info needed will happily be provided, as well as any advice GREATLY appreciated.

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The clockrate of your CPU is pretty low.
Is the internal resolution set to native?
Have you tried using Speedhacks?
I believe OCing that CPU is actually an option, as well.
i would more than happily OC to a semi-safe level. im wanting to say the box said it was supposed to be higher than it is. ive played a bit with speedhacks and just tried setting to native a minute ago, to no avail.
If you happen to know anything about OC, id once more appreciate the knowledge. will be the first time ive tried to OC and machine ive had.

You may want to brush up on some of the finer points of overclocking,
but I can advise you with most details on what to do.
From this point forward, you proceed at your own risk.

You can use a program called CPU-Z to check your active clockrate.
You would also be able to see where it Turbo boosts at.
FYI - more Turbo is only available when less cores are utilized than available.

You will want to be monitoring your processor's temperature,
and stress testing every step of the way.
You may consider apps like HWMonitor or CoreTemp for temps,
and use either IntelBurnTest or Prime95 for stress tests.

The program you would use is called K10STAT.
Be warned-- Overclocking via software is not the prefered way to go.
But with most laptops, it's the only options.

At this point I'd suggest you run the stress test of your choice.
(Yes-- IntelBurnTest is ok to use with AMD.)
Run the test with CPU-Z and your temp monitoring program open.
Watch the temperature rise as you run the stress test.

If that temperature reaches the 80-90c territory,
you may not want to let it get higher.
Otherwise-- Run the test until the temp clearly seems to have hit it's peak
That won't take long, especially with IntelBurnTest.
With Prime95, you may want to let it run at least 30 minutes or more.

Report back with your highest temperature.
will be doing so asap, seems im having a common error. "cant detect family 10h processor" with k10stat

alll right, highest temp i got on max stress was 60C. sorry for takin so long.
I would say you have about 10 degrees C to play with, so you could overclock that a bitSmile
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No worries on taking time. Smile

That's the nice kind of temperature I was hoping to hear.
You have a fair amount of head-room to work with.

With using K10STAT, you'll be adjusting the P-states of your processor. If you don't know, these are the different available power levels it can run at, with a given voltage. Yours should have P0 through P6, with P0 being the highest clockrate. Also, notice the B0 state-- that is for Turbo.

I'll reference you to this external thread, which does a good job offering up examples of what may be possible, as well as some more realistic expectation. You should probably shoot for a modest 2.0-2.4Ghz, which should be plenty for FFX (with a little help from Speedhacks).


My most important recommendation at this point is:
You should not adjust the voltage!

It is the greatest danger in all this, and the quickest way to heat things up.
You may consider it once you feel more comfortable and familiar with overclocking.

Please ask questions as you need. Smile
the specs sound like a cheap 15". may top at 2.0 - 2.4. maybe more. just go up in steps. test and monitor the temps ofc.

*random o_O* how did it manage to hide rezards post when i hit the thread. he said the same thing. bore... :/
okie dokie, when i go to adjust, the actual value(s) i increase are what? i understand my goal is to increase the freq. but the values to increase to get this? ( from hat ive seen, the FID )

Edit : dunno if i mentioned, but im a complete OC noob. I've looked at it once or twice, and decided id wait, up until now.

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