Just little question about scanline effect
I love scanline so much i , by pressing twice F7 ingame i got some really nice scanline effect, thanks again for implement it.

However,the graphic seems become slashing somehow and rough( sorry not really good at describe it) whenever the game in motion, the higher speed the thicker slash line it becomes, while it's perfect in idle graphic.

So what i want to know is there any way to improve it, just like those good old day tv scanline effect? it used to getting darker when you turn it on but now we got shade boost the darker problem is gone.only the little problem like i mentioned above.

Another thing is, it seems i can't take screenshot with the effect on, been tried few different snapshot software still no picture with scanline, anyone got any idea then?

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Try to change deinterlace mode with F5 (there are few of those, cycle through them).

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