Just me and something simple for automating configs
Hey there everyone,
First of all i hope I'm posting this in the right thread never used forums much..
I'm a new user, loving the emulator so far but I found that creating game configs for each game was a bit tedious, so I decided to write some scripts and a simple cli to help automate the configuration of the new presets you can find them here ScriptsCli
As a kid I played a lot of ps2 (pcsx2 brings back so many good memories) and always wanted to be able to make my own games the first time I tried writing C++ found that it was harder than what I had previously anticipated, let alone 3D editing, animating, networking and all that nice stuff   Blink 

And this is probably already known but since I couldn't find it just letting everyone know that using HW hacks alpha fixes the shadows in Jak and Daxter series but I'm still experiencing some texture issues in Jak 3 right at the start in the arena I'm using:
  • PCSX2 v1.5.0-dev-2948-gdabc99f46 
  • preset 3
  • EE Cyclerate -1
  • MTVU
  • Direct3d 11 hardware
  • GSdx-sse4
  • allow 8-bit
  • HW hack alpha
  • no mipmapping
Thks everyone.

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