K-1 World Grand Prix and GSdx plugin
Hi all
Can anyone help me:
while trying to run K-1 World Grand Prix with GSdx plugin, game screen black and I can hear the sounds of the game. If I set plugin to be ZegoGS, then picture is fine but game is kinda slow.

Also, game runs only to the point when I select my character. After that nothing is happening: japanese letters on the botom of the screen anre scrooling and music is runing, but match wont start and I can't deselect player or do anything...

I have C2D E2180, 2gb ram, ATI 4670 256...
I'm using PCSX 0.9.6

Any advice to run K1 is welcome!

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which version of gsdx are you using?
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GSdx-r1406, but same thing happens on all versions because I've been trying K1 game on PCSX from version 0.9.2 and screen was always black on GSdx.
I forget to say: it is black only if I select Direct3d9 (hardware) in graphic configuration... If I select Direct3d9 (software) picture is fine, but everything is sloooow
so, no help on the hardware issue on GSdx? It happens both on K-1 2005 & 2006
Well if it runs fine in software it might be just a problem with GSdx and there's not much to do there, try using ZeroGS plugin instead maybe, try the latest PCSX2 public beta and enabling microvu in cpu settings or changing the advanced options
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