KH1 - Crashes in Chernabog bossfight.
I'm using PCSX2 1.0.0 and unfortunately having crashes in the Chernabog bossfight in KH1. After some googling this seems to be a common issue, and this is what I've changed in my settings:
-VU1 to superVu
-Enable Synchronized MTGS
-Changed aspect ratio from fit screen to 4:3
-Disabled speedhacks
-Went from 3x native to native in GS settings (Allow 8bit textures is still on, otherwise I think everything is default)
-Disabled HW hacks in GS settings (was using 8x MSAA)
-Changed synchronizing mode in SPU to Async

With these changes I've also been testing either by fastbooting and going from memcard saves, or save states. Both still caused crashes. My most recent attempt was from full boot and memcard save, with SW mode on, which didn't actually crash, it just had the game freezed while the EE was switching between 99 and 100% and the GS was at 0%. I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm using the AVX plugin for GSdx, and the DX11 renderer.

My specs: i5-2500, Radeon HD 6870, 8GB RAM.

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