KH1 Freezes..
Hi everyone,

When i play Kingdom Hearts 1 at Deep Jungle, at the very end, when Sora says in a cutscene something like: We need to go now, and there is a sub that says: Ow, my head or something like that.. at that point KH1 freezes.
I head some people say to try out the beta version.. well i did that, and i copied my Memorycard files in the beta (so i could play where i was) but i have sound then, but the screen is just black... Can some one help me? i know there is an option to begin all over again, but i don't want to begin all over again Tongue
Please some one help me! How can i play with my Memorycard file from PCSX2 0.9.6 with PCSX2 Beta 1888? (beta will fix that freeze scene for sure!)


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When I switched over from 0.9.6 to the beta, all I did was copy my memory card files over and replace the ones in the beta memory card folder. It's been working fine for me now. Could it be possible that your save file is corrupted?

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