KH1 Glitch! Cant hit!! Help!
So I was playing KH1 and after a scene where theres a storm and Ill have to fight little monsters, when I attacked them, they dont take damage nor get hit at all. Im sure the sword reaches them but why the heck they dont get hit. But they can hit me!!! LOL. So, know how to fix this?? BTW Im using speedhacks but this is the first time Ive problems like this. Thanks!

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That's odd.. have you tried 0.9.8?
(11-14-2012, 10:40 AM)Saiki Wrote: That's odd.. have you tried 0.9.8?

not yet, but will do if tweaking a lil wont make it
From the walktrough at gamefaq
Quote:Return back to the island where Riku was hanging out on day one.
Ignore the Heartless, as they cannot be killed with a mere wooden sword. To defeat the Heartless, we must first obtain what is known as the Keyblade.
FAIL FAIL FAIL haha oh man. i swear that was great Vsub~
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i always play my games with walkthroughs so i don't run into such problems and i complete everything Smile
I bet you feel stupid now ;p
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LOOOL!!! Ive been waiting to receive the keyblade coz Im only at the beginning. I thought it was a glitch coz I dont just do damage, I cant even hit them. xD. what a shame..

@vsub - thanks man xD

@solidus - this is my 1st playthrough so I tend to stay away from walkthroughs to avoid spoilers

@refraction - yes.. I really do. LOL
Just to tell you, you'll get the same in Kingdom Hearts 2 if you'll play it with Roxas. Spoiler, but had to be spoiled!
you can beat them up in KH2, there's a point where it doesn't work because you're getting the keyblade (very small part), but the "sword" roxas uses does work

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