Ok me again. Im running KH2 and its fine the gameplay is 60-65. But for some reason it goes to 90-100 when in menus and during AMVs how can I limit this? Also Im running 0.9.8

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Press F4 O.o...
Lol I know that. Its just Normal and none. On normal it goes to 100 still. Any ideas?
If on "normal" it goes to 100 fps, set your base frame adjust(in emulation settings->GS) to 100% or stop editing your PCSX2_vm.ini file without knowing what it does;P.
I dont edit anything and the FPS is blacked out at 59.94 so I cant do anything about that.
If it's "normal" and you have 100 fps, then your NTSC/PAL framerate was adjusted in the ini file I wrote in previous post - it still is visible as normal framerate in settings;P. Or your "base frame adjust" was set to something higher than 100%. If none of this is correct only thing I can think of is turning turbo - happens for lots of alt+tab'ing people;P as TAB is actually a hotkey for turbo - but if that was the case it would be "Turbo" instead of "normal".
It was just fine a couple days ago now out of know where it goes to 100. So either it did it magically or some one messed with it.
Try with the "Tab" key a couple times.
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heh yeah, the frame cap toggles uncapped and turbo if you have turbo mode on.

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