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Alright. Sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm new. If it's the wrong section, please move or delete it, whichever the mod sees fit. Though if you do choose to delete it, please message me with the proper section for this thread. My thanks ahead of time.

Ahem. Anywho. I just got PSCX2, and I'm currently attempting to play KH2: FM+.

The problem? Speed. At startup, everything is dandy. Runs at full speed, looks nice. 59-60 FPS. Sometimes 70. Then the opening FMV starts. It initially drops down to 23 FPS, then kicks back up to about 45. It stays there from then on. Through the FMV, and into gameplay. In the opening, when running around as Roxas, it's generally at about 41-49 FPS. Sometimes when I'm walking in a straight line it'll bump up to 51 FPS.

It tends to get rather annoying. For the most part, it leaves me playing the game at a third less than full speed. So, I was wondering what plugins and settings would help relieve this problem, if any at all. Who knows. Maybe my specs are too bad.

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. One is 1.66, the other 1.7 or something like that. I'm not very knowledgeable in this area.

3 gigs of ram. I plan on upgrading to four gigs in the near future. Would that help at all?

GeForce 8800M GT for the video card.

It's a laptop, but it's a gaming laptop. It plays Gears of War perfectly, along with many other games.

As far as my specs are concerned, as far as I can tell the likely suspect in my issue is the processor... but I keep reading all over this site that intel core 2 duos are like the most awesome thing for PSCX2.

So, if it ends up not being any of those, I assume it's the plugins.

Anyways. Please, help me out here?

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Quote:Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. One is 1.66, the other 1.7 or something like that
GeForce 8800M GT for the video card.[€]

this is your problem. Your laptop is quite weak.
Mobile GPUs are weak.
1.6-7 ghz for a dual core is weak too.

[quote]It plays Gears of War perfectly, along with many other games
believe me, the power they need comopared to PCSX2 would make you cry...

you still can try this :

in gsdx options, set native res
in cpu options, set both clamp modes to none.
and finally, use some speedhacks (1 by 1, not all at the same time. Just make some tries with each one)
you still can try those things
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go

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