KH2 Final Mix--stuck at 50 FPS
Hey guys. So I'm trying to get my copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix to work, and it's fine except for the fact that it refuses to go above 50 FPS regardless of where I am in the game. Whether I'm on the main menu or in battle or wherever, the game sticks at 50 without fail. Similarly, it doesn't matter how many speedhacks I run, or how low I set the resolution the game stays at 50 FPS.

I beat it a couple years ago back in pcsx 0.9.6 or .7 (can't remember which) and it used to run fine, mostly hanging out at 60 except for occasional brief forays into the fifties.

Nothing's changed since then, except I've bumped my computer up from Vista to 7 (thank goodness.)

Stats are!

Processor: Intel® Core ™2 Duo CPU p7450 @ 2.13 GHz
RAM: 4.00 GB
64-bit Operating System
Graphics card GEFORCE 9800M GS 512 MB

For the record I'm using Directx10 hardware, which generally works the best for me with games.

I'm honestly really perplexed. I might go find an old version of pcsx2 because this is just so weird.

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EDIT:oops my mistake FM is only for japan i know FM is no such thing for the PAL version

i think this game is a medium-high demanding than original KH2.
try set power plan to "High performance" or toggle "TAB" in turbo mode.
if persist then your CPU/GPU is somewhat weak.
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Actually, I managed to fix it with your initial suggestion by going into the _vm and bumping the PAL framerate to 59.94 exactly. It works fine now. :3 Very strange, but whatever.

Thanks for the help!

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