Hey guys!
Nice work! Haven't thought that I would see KH2 running without problems that early^^.

But I have a question, since KH 2 works KH RE: CoM should also work, or am I wrong?

It had the same errors than KH2 before and the effects ingame etc looked quite similar to the ones in KH2.... same slow downs, same grey screens.

Now, everytime you start up RE:CoM with the KH2 fix it crashes at the moment RE:CoM crashed in the 0.9.4 version of PCSX2... right after obtaining the first card.

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Looked quite similar is far far far away from using the same code,thus behaving the exact same way Wink
So what I'd say is that the KH2 fix would be PROBABLE to fix the KH RE: CoM issues,but not for sure.From what you report,it doesn't and that's not such a surprise,imagine the same game in PAL and NTSC runs different code.
So,only enable that hackfix for KH2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I don't have that crash when I play my re:com on both the english version and the final mix + version. Maybe because i loaded it straight from the disk and turned it into an iso myself rather then download it.
Before the KH2 fix I crashed constantly at the start of KH Re. I dont know about it now though.

I own the original disk...
Could you tell me your configs?
in an older reversion around r550,my game crashed when I fought the first nameless after the tutorail.
in the recent KH2 fixed reversion,I could finished the fight with nameless,but I didn't advance anymore,there's a still some slowdown in certain scene.

I play it with ISO,english,don't remember the exact config though.
Try the latest reversion, r705.
RE:CoM is almost perfect: no more lag and no random crashes.
The only issue is that some cutscenes will freeze like Grandia III

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