KH2 full speed Geforce 6150 se
Is their any way to get Kingdom Hearts II to run at 60 FPS (or close to that) on Geforce 6150 SE graphics chip? I know it sucks, but I want to know if there;s a way to make it run better.
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check "native" in gsdx options.
but depending on your CPU, it could be better to run in SW mode
What is your CPU ?
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Try the speedhacks?
Speedhacks won't help a weak GPU out. Like jesalvein said, low resolution. You may even want to consider setting it below native.

I don't think 60fps in-game will be possible. At least, not consistantly. Really depends on your CPU...
I lowered the res and put on speedhacks. I can get 25-35 Fps right now.

My CPU is a AMD Athlon Dual-Core 4850e 2.51 Ghz.

In Kingdom Hearts 1, I was able to hit 60 FPS occasionally, but mostly around 40-45.
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Well, your CPU isn't unbelievably slow, but it is slower due to it's old architecture. Using Software mode might not actually be better.

KH1 is less GPU demanding than KH2, I believe. Considering you're running on one of the worst possible GPUs for PCSX2, I'd say your doing pretty good. Smile
I guess the speed depends on how many objects the game has to render. In the Station of Calling, I was consistently hitting 60 FPS. But in Twilight town, it got the 25-35 I mentioned above.
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6150SE is really bad for pcsx2; you won't get better than 30fps most likely.

I used to have a geforce 6200 pci card 3 years ago when i got into pcsx2, and the only game i could run fullspeed were the disgaea games.
try enabling frameskip in the GS panel.
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