KH2FM Blurr or fuzzy outline and backgrounds.
Hi I'm new to the forums so first I'd like to say hello and thanks for the awesome emulator you guys im sure have saved alot of my PS2 Disc's from ware and tear.

So any way's to my question, I'm Currently playing through Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, and I've noticed that during cut scenes over even text scenes with characters there seems to be this annoying blur or fuzzyness to parts of them or the backgrounds I try to ignore it but I'm the kind of guy that just can't keep my eyes off these things and its keeping me from staying focused on the story. So is there a way to fix this? I have screenshots if needed to explain what I'm talking about.


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I believe it's a depth of field effect. You might try to get rid of it with skipdraw. Config->video->plugin settings. Enable HW hacks. Click configure. Try skipdraw values of 1-10. It's possible that it will make that effect go away. Kind of a long shot though!
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If you try it in software mode it should tell you if it's part of the game or not. I would do this for you but I'm not going to my friends house at midnight just for Kindom Hearts.
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It's just the depth of field effect. It also happened on the real console.
Try using the agressive CRC hack. It works on FFX.
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The same thing happens on the HD collections. I'm pretty sure if someone is knowledgeable then can internally change the depth of field effect in the game so it looks better for HD screens.
TCOffset X = 500 hack fixes the dual imaging that you can see there. Works for SoTC. Havent tried if it affects anything else other than that in KH though.
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