KH2FM/KH2 cheats?
Hey I got pcsx2 0.9.8 and i been looking around for some cheats or hacks for those two.

Is there any tuts on how to use them and where to find cheats?

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iDark what if you would read the first post of the Post your Cheats/Patches here there's quite alot of guides how to make your own cheats Smile
I find it to ruin the game. Like Limit Form was WAY to overpowered, it makes KH1 Sora look like a over powered monster. Plus fighting bosses like Luxford and such require no cheats because with them it's really difficult. I only would use them for Terra, and some data battles such as Axel. But other than that don't use cheats.
Really, "dont use cheats" in a thread asking for help with cheats is pretty useless bordering spam.
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