KH2FM Random lag spikes
Ok I have been playing KH2FM at 1920x1080 flawlessly (almost) for the past few days. However I have been getting random lag spikes in the game at random points and i want to know why/ how to fix it? I will try taking it back to native just to see what happens.

Intel i7 4700MQ Processor 2.4ghz
nVidia GTX 765m 2gb GDDR5
8gb DDR3L Ram 1600mhz

EDIT: It still has random slow downs at native res. I get 60fps well, it just has random moments when it slows down.

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The slowdown occurs due to high effacts on that point or it take more resorces or maybe on graphic demanding places where your gpu cant handle this.
Core i3 9100f 3.6Ghz
nvidia GT 1030
pcsx2 version-1.3.1  
hmm it might be using the crappy IGP at native. using the later SVNs? If not give those a shot and make sure you choose your Nvidia card under the Graphics adapter setting in GSDX and see if you still get slowdowns at native if so you CPU might be throttling down for a moment becuase of overheating issues.
since that is a laptop and if you are in battery and your battery level at below ~50% it will indeed inflict lag spikes,
try put the AC power on to achive back flawless speed.

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