KH2FM+ graphical issue
Hey guys, I finished playing KH1fm and KH re:CoM and now i've started emulating KH2fm+.

It works at full speed at 6x native res, with one of the latest SVN builds.

The problem i'm having is that during cutscenes that involve speech bubbles with text, the graphics become pixelated only during that scene, and revert once the speech bubbles are gone.

[Image: dVxvI.jpg]

This did not happen in KH1fm or re:CoM. I have patched it with the english patch, so i'm thinking maybe that could be the problem?

I have played through KH2fm+ once before with PCSX2, but not on 6x native res, only at 2x native res and this problem did not occur.

[Image: AL0tz.jpg]

This is what it looks like if i bring up a speech bubble in normal gameplay; it's perfectly fine. The trouble is in cutscenes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Cutscenes are pre-rendered thus your 6x resolution has no effect. It's like the game is playing a recorded video of gameplay from the PS2.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I see, thank you for the quick reply Smile

I guess i'll have to live with it during those scenes.
The only other problem (which doesn't really bother me too much) is the sunlight going thru buildings in twilight town.
But as i said it doesn't really bother me.

Euxaristo Wink
Yeah that's a known bug. Parakalo Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(06-24-2012, 07:47 PM)Bositman Wrote: Cutscenes are pre-rendered thus your 6x resolution has no effect. It's like the game is playing a recorded video of gameplay from the PS2.
The only pre-rendered scenes in that game is the Intro/Trailer, the opening video, the flashback scenes from kingdom hearts 1, two scenes involving Xemnas in Radiant Garden that were added in the Final Mix version and the Ending Video (Well also the secret trailers of Birth By Sleep too but they don't count).
Also cutscenes are the sequences that are in the Theater Mode and the one he has in the screenshot is not, it happens realtime in gameplay while the game is getting rendered realtime and you have to keep pressing [O] to proceed.

I had that problem too and this is what fixed it:
Use a specified resolution (Costum Resolution) that is not a direct multiplication of the native resolution because on such sequences the game reverts the resolution to 512x448 (somekind of bug, not a big deal though). Never touch the Scalling options because they do exactly what you don't want to do, a direct multiplication of the internal resolution.

I think a CRC hack could fix the sunrays-over-walls issue. Another thing is the missing bloom lightning in areas like Radiant Garden.
the sunrays over walls happens on the ps2 at times as well, so im not convinced its a pcsx2 bug
I bet we can fix that sunray issue with a CRC hack or with a value hack and set it getting rendered further.
Also double-checked Saken's issue and apparently, I'm correct:
[Image: gsdx20120625200438.jpg]
This doesn't look pixelated.
That's pretty weird..
[Image: newsig.jpg]
the letters are probably alpha enabled sprites so texture filtering might be affecting them

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