KH2FM+ settings help please
Okay, so I'm trying out my emulator for the first time, and for the best experience, I want to have it fully optimized for the game. Here is what I have for computer specs:
[Image: compinfomain_zps84d931ff.png][Image: macdisplaysettings_zps659214cb.png][Image: macdisplaysettings_zps659214cb.png]

And here are my specs for PCSX2, unchanged since taking the pictures:

[Image: mainconfig_zps2ef69e3f.png][Image: ScreenShot2013-10-11at85218PM_zps08581d1c.png][Image: ScreenShot2013-10-11at84018PM_zps838339bc.png][Image: ScreenShot2013-10-11at85334PM_zpse2136b02.png]

If there's anything I need to change (or anything that I missed that may need to change) let me know. I understand I may need better performing parts, but that's a tough call to make for just one game (so far). I'll worry more about hardware once I'm free of college and have a better job, right now I can settle for just emulator customization.

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