KHII Frame Dips
Hello guys, I recently opened up a thread to discuss ways to pull more FPS while recording with FRAPS. I did some tinkering and finally got up to 60FPS while recording! The only problem is every minute or two the game drops to 20-40fps for about 20seconds then resumes back to 60.

My initial reaction to this was to assume the game was loading or something to that extent. However, the inconsistency of the frame dips trouble me.

Nothing could be happening, like I could be standing completely still and the dip will still occur. This happens during cinematics, game play, standing still or what ever the case will be.

I'll post a link to the most recent video with this being the case.
I lucked out in this video it actually took until 8:20 for the spike to happen. However, in part three is happens A LOT.

Any help is much appreciated.

AMD FX 4-Core 3.6Ghz
Nvidia GTX 550 TI
Windows 7 x64 pro

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the dips occur because you get files of aprox 4gb per file and when it has reached that 4gb it makes a new video and that is why you get your slowdowns. also while recording dont save it to the same hard drive
Atleast never save it on the same drive where your windows is installed Smile It'll keep your windows installation a bit more cleaner and you don't have to defragment the drive that often Smile With my computer I'm making a C Partition (Windows) of 60 GByte, since this is more then enough, and the rest for drivers/game installations/program setups/MP3's/Pictures etc. etc. Hell even my documents is on my 2nd partition.

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