Karaoke/Dance Dance Revolution
Hey guys, before I go out and purchase a usb mic and dance pad, I wanted to confirm that this was actually possible to get working. I can't find any tutorials on how to configure a dance pad or Microphone for the pcsx2 emulator..

would any of you be able to break down the process to me ? I'm a little overwhelmed. I've been doing some reseearch but I don't understand how you would calibrate your mic, does it just plug and it works ? the controller config is a little messy for me so i'm pretty lost... sorry if this has been a topic before I checked into it and didn't see any so I figured it would be safe to post

i'm just curious how i'd map a usb dance pad and get the mic to work for ps2 karaoke games... thanks in advance !!!

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Microphone is a little hit or miss right now(you need an experimental plugin and it has some delay and timing issue.)

Dance pad should work fine.
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