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Katamari Damacy
This is my first attempt using PCSX2, and I'm having a huge issue getting it to run properly. It loads just fine but once I get to the scene with cows at the start it suddenly goes from 100% to 50% or so, but it doesn't seem to progress at all, nor does it make any more sound.

I have a duo-core 2.4GHz processor. NVidia 8600M GT, 6142MB of RAM, Vista x64. Any suggestions on how to optimize speed and fix issues would be great.

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You need to enable patches in Misc. If you have the PAL version you're not getting it to work unfortunately...
Also you will need to get the latest beta and enable the 2 microVU recs under CPU options to get rid of the severe graphics bugs the game has otherwise.
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Hi there,

I downloaded the beta in hope to set it up to get rid of those awful sight-blocking shapes (random crap), but they're still there, and it looks like MicroVU is already turned on (although I'm not positive). Patches are on.

And, yup, I'm new, but I'm trying to learn. Wink

Thanks a bundle!
Config->CPU. If both microVU recs are checked microVU is on. It still has some glitches but they are rare and the game is pretty playable.
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Real thanks. If it weren't for communities like these, I would drop hopeless with the more complex software Wink
Hey thanks! Works great.

Sorry again, but I have another CPU question. How do I set it to skip frames and whatnot so I can play at 100% speeds?

try the speed hacks "vu cycle stealing" and "ee snyc hack" first. you shouldn't need any frameskipping with your system.
CPU Core [email protected] | GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 | RAM 8GB DDR-3 1600MHz CL9 | OS Win7 Ultimate (x64) SP1
EMU PCSX2 v1.1.0 r5645 | GS GSdx SSE4 r5632 | SPU2 SPU2-X r5559 | PAD LilyPad r5403 | CDVD cdvdGigaherz r5403
Err, how do I do that. hehe. Blush
Go to "speed hacks" and adjust the VU cycle steal hack as well as turn on ee sync hack.

All speed hacks are in the speed hack menu for future reference.

You all rock. This support community really saves my butt on a daily basis.


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