Katamari Damacy Freezes while Loading Make a Star 8
I am running PCSX2 in Retroarch, and all my other games work fine but for some reason Katamari Damacy will freeze when loading Make a Star 8 and I cannot continue the game. It's ran fine on the other levels save for a bit of lag but nothing game breaking, so I'm not sure why I can't go further than Make a Star 8.

I'm running the most recent version of the emulator and Retroarch and I even tried a few different Katamari ISO files and they all had the same issue. The image i've attached is the exact spot where the game freezes. The King's text will stop scrolling but it will still make the record scratching sound that plays during dialogue. I've tried reverting all settings to default but no matter what tweaks I make the game refuses to load past that point.

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