Katamari Damacy and Cheats
So I loaded up Katamari Damacy today and was 4 levels deep when I decided it would be more fun with inf time. So I loaded the cheats into a pnach file and set about my way to rolling up the map. Well time comes to finish the level and I turn cheats back off. To my dismay the timer is still stuck with two minutes left and now the camera has zoomed all the way out so I can't even see what I'm rolling into. Any way to revert it back or am I stuck running cheatless and loading my save state from before the cheats?

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Any one?
Running this PNACH file I created:

Quote:gametitle=Katamari Damacy
comment=Cheats for Katamari
// Main Code Must Be On

//Infinite Time (Only Use One Time Code At Any Time)

But disabling cheats doesn't allow time to continue again...
Make a memory card save then load the file without the cheat enabled.
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I just switched over to the time goes up cheat and then enabled it, played, then saved state 0, disabled cheats and then loaded save state 0 and the cheat continues and now the hand on the time grows until it covers the screen...
Cheats are not magical things that just go away when you don't want them to run anymore. They are alterations to the game's memory that persist through the game session. You need to disable cheats, then relaunch the game to get rid of them. Since the cheat lives in the game's memory, creating a savestate while the cheat is on will also bake the cheat into the savestate, and it won't go away until you restart the game, without using a savestate. As Ryudo said, use your memory cards to achieve this.

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