Kessen 2 German SLES 50580
I wanted to ask if you could fix the graphics bug in the german version of Kessen 2 like you did it on the EU version (SLES 50578) with the r5816 release.

That would be really awesome. Thanks in advance.

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Tried pressing F9?
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Yes, it just makes the game unsharp, like its in 640*480 resolution.
Still have bugs,though ?
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(02-28-2015, 05:07 PM)jesalvein Wrote: Still have bugs,though ?


Just in the german version. It got fixed in the us and eu version so i thought it wouldnt be "that" problem to solve it in german version too.
he us patch is as following:
comment=COP2 flag instance patch by refraction
// a mac flag check just after a vsub which gets in the way, rearranging

Please find a some cheat from both versions.. the german and the us version (e.g. infinite health). Using these two cheats we might be able to convert this patch to your german version. It can be any - gameshark, action replay, xploder or raw cheat- you just have to find exactly the same cheat for both versions.
Sorry, my english is surely not the best but i do not understand what you want me to do. Seriously not, sorry. What does cheats have to do with a graphics bug? Can you explain it a bit more "accurate" please?
Here is the only thing i found so while, but i really dont know if this is right or what these action replay codes have to do with all that, but here they are.

US Version:

German Version:

Hope this helps, somehow Huh
try that. safe that as xyz.pnach in the cheats directory. xyz means the game's crc you can find in the console log.

Quote:comment=COP2 flag instance patch by refraction
// a mac flag check just after a vsub which gets in the way, rearranging

i don't think it will work tho. that offset looks way too big. not the finest cheats to do that guesstimate trick. if it's seriously not doing it you might upload the elf or a save state... so somebody can patch it with the real code offsets. Smile
Well, i created a .pnach file with those lines you linked and with the other codes i linked, both didnt worked. But i have to say that i have no clue what i am doing anyways. The cheats worked tho, the console said that the file was loaded and so on.

Here is a safe state i made just after the "real" game begins. Hopefully a kind soul will have use of it.

Best thanks for all your help to my help Laugh

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