Kessen III cheat not working
So I've been looking all over the place and I didn't know what's the problem. I was trying to use cheat for Kessen III (SLUS 211191), I got the code from code twink that looks like this. Its the enable code

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
2AC6231A 25F471B2
6BE19D0B 63EA913A

And then I used CB2crypt v1.3 to decrypt it and I got something like this

BEEFC0DE 00000000
000FFFFE 000000E4
000FFFFF 000000E4
90123808 00832021

I used the patch=1,EExxxxx, extended,xxxxx before turning it into a pnach file. Now, I always use this method before and always works. But then the game won't work and I saw this at the log

(EE pc:00100160) TLB Miss, addr=0xdc424fa [store]

and something like this

cpuTlbMiss pc:8001046c, cycl:1831b1e1, addr: 1f00e65a, status=70020c00, code=c

And when I tried to decrypt the code from code twink using omniconvert, I chose the input as raw/unencrypted and the output as code breaker v7 common, I got this

89F8E4C4 2D0CCD77
8170CEBD A1329583
Code contains an invalid number of 8-digit values, or general crypt error.  Check your input.

When I change the input to codebreaker V1, I got this code

Enable Code
6BE19D0B 63EA913A

Now I was confuse because usually the enable code have four lines, but I give it a try anyway and I picked another code from code twink and decrypted it using the last method. When I turn the game using the pnach file made with the last method, I got a notification that the cheat was loaded, but nothing happened.

Anyone can help me? I attach the pnach file that I decrypted using the CB2crypt v1.3 program

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.pnach   FB539DD4.pnach (Size: 443 bytes / Downloads: 486)

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