Key bindings
Hi everyone. I just need a little assistance. I’d like to start by saying that my knowledge of computers is severely lacking. Like, it took me a month to finally figure out how to download pcsx2 properly. Anyways, the emulator is running fine and I’m playing all my favourite games. My only problem is that the current game I’m playing (Xenosaga) requires that I press the R1 key. I cannot for the life of me find which key this is. When I check in the configuration menu it says the key is bound to the right shoulder button. So my question is: What the hell is the right shoulder button!??? I’ve clicked every key on the keyboard and nothing has happened. Also whenever I try to change the button that R1 is bound too I can’t. It’s all greyed.out

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This is kinda weird,you are saying that you are using keyboard to play but you are talking about XInput gamepad

Did you set all your controls manualy

Right Sholder(XBOX) is R1(PlayStation)
If you set your controls manually and you are using a keyboard,you shouldn't see those xbox names for the controls in Pad1 in LilyPad

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