Keyblade [Game launcher]

I made this auto launcher for PCSX2
I've included pcsx2 9.8 but no bios or config.

Rename your game to game.iso and place it in the /gamedata folder, then run it by clicking the keyblade.exe file.

It will auto launch the game with whatever config you set it up with. This just means that each game will have it's own memory cards and config files.

Makes things a little boss

[Image: xO10E.png]

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This download no longer works, anyone have a mirror?
You can use this instead
[Image: newsig.jpg]
That's a good software but it was designed with a different purpose in mind. The launcher you linked opens up a window that shows your rom library.

My launcher is designed to allow you to integrate your games seemlessly into windows to make it feel as though you are launching a game that is native to windows. No messing round, you simply click an Icon on your desktop and the game launches.

I'll reupload this soon with the latest version of pcsx later tonight
Yea it just feels better to launch a game this way, imo... too bad it hasn't been around for a while now
@Lus7, any update on when you might be able to re-upload the tool?

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