Keyboard Bindings Stopped Working
Keyboard Bindings Stopped Working
I was playing Persona 3 FES for around 30 minutes and I had these keyboard bindings:

Right Analog Stick Up: W
Right Analog Stick Right: D
Right Analog Stick Left: A
Right Analog Stick Down: S
Shoulder Button L1: Q
Shoulder Button R1: E
Trigger L2: R
Trigger R2: T
Face Button Triangle: V
Face Button Circle: C
Face Button Cross: X
Face Button Square: Z
Left Analog Stick Up: Up arrow
Left Analog Stick Right: Right arrow
Left Analog Stick Left: Left arrow
Left Analog Stick Down: Down arrow
Select: Backspace
Start: Enter

But, for whatever reason, the keyboard bindings stopped working. I can't play the game because pressing any button on the keyboard doesn't do anything to PCSX2.
Let me know if you need any other information.

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Ok, so I cleared all my PCSX2 settings, rebound my keyboard, it works again.

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