Keyboard Controller on Final Fantasy 12
i have been searching thru these forums for hours tryna find a solution and even tryna set up my keypad for it to work on the keyboard. nothing is working so far. Can anyone please tell me what exact settings you guys used to make ffxii work on a *keyboard* cuz I have tried everything.

i have a mac 2.6 ghz and ffxii works just fine. i just cant move when the game starts. its pretty frustrating so any help would appreciated.

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Ahh, thats because FFXII uses analog sticks, or something.
I read about a dude with the same problem as yours, but I do not remeb er how he fixed it, but the key is that the game uses analog sticks :-)
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I found it:
FFXII uses the analog sticks, so it's a little funky with a keyboard. Make sure to set the LX and RX and set the analog sticks up. It took some tinkering to get it to work for me, but just keep messing with it and you should get it.
"Eventually you too will hear it, The Last Melody"
yes he already replied to me. i tried setting those up but it still did not work. I just would like some exact controls that worked for ppl so i can input it. thanks tho. Anyone else?

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