Keyboard Shortcut for Exit?
Does anybody know if PCSX2 can be Exited with a key?

The funny thing is I thought it was Escape, but when I read that it only suspends it I checked and saw I had about 10 instances of the emulator running. Smile I can find the threads with all the F keys but not much else after that.

I've been searching for a half hour or more now on the web and I can't find the answer. My new HTPC is setup to do everything with remote and controller. The remote simulates key presses and I have every game I own (except PS2 games) set up on my PC to run and close without the use of a keyboard and mouse. I have PCSX2 running each game perfectly but I can't find the Exit shortcut anywhere. I was thinking there has to be one but I'm afraid to just start pressing keys on the keyboard in fear that I might change an important setting and not know how to return it back. Smile

Edit: Oh, I'm running version 1.2.1 if that helps. Thanks!

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I don't really think there is one...
have you ever tried it in the lower versions?
Alt + F4?
Aye I was like Alt +F4 should work normally Tongue
Good deal. Alt +F4 works great. Thanks for the replies! Now I just have to figure out how to get that key combo into my remote. (Logitech Harmonies are awesome but they can be a real pain in the a$$)

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