Keyboard Shortcut for Patch Finder
I'm currently trying to find cheats for Fighting for One Piece.

I'm trying to find cheats using the Patch Finder, but using the normal route of Escape->Click Patch Finder doesn't work. Clicking Execute resumes the game, but the emulation stops responding after that - I have to close PCSX2 and restart.

I recall there was a shortcut key that allowed you to call up the Cheat Finder directly, without needing to press Escape and access the PCSX2 window.

I did use Artmoney & CheatEngine to cheat and they work fine, only now I need to port the cheat over to the RAW format that PCSX2 uses( i.e. subtracting base address from PC memory to get the actual PS2 memory location, but it hasn't worked so far.)

Could anybody help with this?

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ArtMoney has option to convert your code but first you mist find the start address and after you find it you must edit the artmoney.emul file.

Or just find some cheat using ArtMoney then press escape and go to the Patch Finder.Тype the value you find using Artmoney and search for it,when you find a lot of addresses change the value with Artmoney(don't go back ingame)and search again for the value you changed.Ones you find the cheat in pcsx2 just copy the address,take the address from ArtMoney minus the one from pcsx2.In the end you'll have the difference between both addresses.For example:
ArtMoney address - 03A33EC1
PCSX2 address - 006d2ec1
so every cheat you find minus 3361000 and you'll get the pcsx2 address.

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