Keyboard Shortcuts when focus is lost
Tried to do a search or two before posting, as well - i'm using an svn build that i attempted to make, so most likely my fault but...

Is anyone aware of an issue where once you first lose focus of the emulator window, all keyboard shortcuts (savestate/loadstate/sceenshot/etc) no longer work until you close the render window and "resume"?

I might revert back and try one of the official builds, but figured i'd see if it's just me.

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Well good news is I see that one of the latest adjustments addressed this issue. so yay! Thanks avih! <3
You're welcome.

Could you please try few official builds backwards to figure out when did it start breaking? Also, if you try the new revision and have some feedback (good or bad), please share. Thanks.
Thanks for fixing that avih. It was driving me nuts having to constantly click the window to disable the framelimiter or switch renderers.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
I'm in a place with poor connection at the moment, but if I can isolate which version broke it i'll certainly let you know.

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