Keyboard settings for ff
I've got ffx configured and working and what not the only problem is I don't have a joystick for my pc (>.<). I was wondering if anyone else uses their keyboard for the game and if so could they post a pic of their settings that work for them.

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I use my keyboard and I'm currently playing FFX. One day, I WILL get a USB adapter for my PS controllers...
Anyway, I'm not at home right now so I can't take a screen of my config, but I'll write out my config:

Up = W
Left = A
Down = S
Right = D

Left Analog:
Up = T
Left = F
Down = G
Right = H

Right Analog:
Up = I
Left = J
Down = K
Right = L

Start = Enter
Select = Space
X = Num5
Square = Num4
Circle = Num6
Triangle = Num8
L1 = Num7
R1 = Num9
L2 = Q
R2 = E

It doesn't really matter how you have the analog sticks set out because you only use them in special circumstances.

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