Keyboard unresponsive (in an odd way)
Hi, there!

So, a couple of days ago I downloaded PCSX2, but I ran into a weird problem. I've searched for solutions (on Youtube as well Google and this forum). 

PCSX2 boots up fine, and so do the games (so far I've tried GTA VC (PAL) and GTA LCS (also PAL). 

My keyboard seems totally unresponsive when the game is loaded. I've tried almost every possible configuration. Odd thing is, while the controls don't response ingame, they do in the menu of the PS2.

This question is probably asked over a 100 times, so I'm sorry in advance Sad

I'm running the game on a 64-bit W10 HP Probook. Does somebody have any suggestions what the problem might be?

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Did you go to Config > Controllers (PAD) > Plugin Settings, Pad 1 tab, and set your keyboard up as a controller?
I feel like a complete idiot, it's solved. Thanks!

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