Kh2fm help ^.^
So I just built a new computer and I've been playing kh2fm+ (as you can probably see from the title) and it's been running pretty smoothly, but there are some times where it hits a tiny bit of lag and it becomes kind of choppy (and annoying). It's completely playable, but it's just a tad annoying and I was wondering if there was any way I can fix the mini lag spikes. I can play games on Steam (AC2 ultra graphics etc.) with no problem and no lag. Is it the game itself? Or are there things I can tweak to make the game run more smoothly?

Here are my specs:
CPU: Intel i5 3470
GPU: Nvidia GTX 660
8 Gb of RAM
PSU: 800 W (yes I know overkill but it was in a combo (wombo))
P8Z77 V-LK ASUS motherboard (idk if you need that)

I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips to make it always run smoothly. Thanks! (I'm quite the noob on these forums so if you could give me a reply step-by-step that would be really appreciated)!

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Depends on where. I usually set skip draw up a few and it got rid of alot of the skips. I havent played on pc in awhile but I think 8 Bit Texture option causes a little bit. I'm not really sure anymore.

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