Killzone (NTSC-U/C) Cache Limit Bug?
So I've been trying this game out for a couple years now, and it seems this game has a game-breaking bug that still hasn't been fixed. In particular, the game runs fine (so long as you activate the Alpha Hack under HW hacks and use Skipdraw 2~4), but after about 30~45 minutes, the game will have produced an error message saying that the "VU cache limit has been reached". This appears in the log about three or four times, then the next time it happens, PCSX2 crashes and closes down.

I last tested this a few days ago on PCSX2 ver. 1.2.1 r5875 (last official stable release.) It seems that the game just eats up memory or something until it runs out, then PCSX2 just jumps off a cliff. Haven't been messing with SVN builds since I went to that last official release, but I hear SVN is whacked out or something anyway.

Specs are in the sig if that's of any relevance, but tons of people have reported this same thing on other sites and whatnot, so it seems it doesn't matter what specs you have.

Basically, is there any insight into why this happens, and any chance it could be fixed in the future? This game still seems to be problematic, since it barely runs at all unless you use the aforementioned hacks on it. Running it in Software mode just makes the game crash about 20 minutes into gameplay no matter what.

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Wouldn't the 4Gb patch help delay the crash. If not, I can try messing with the source tomorrow. I would try it now, but I don't think my friend would appreciate me waking him up this late at night to borrow one of his ps2 games.. I also have to reinstall Visual Studio again.
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I never tried the 4GB patch before. Gonna download that in a moment and try it.
Bumping for anyone who is interested; was chatting with Nobbs66 here on Steam and tested out the 4GB patch, seems it doesn't help since the MicroVU1 error pops up once RAM usage of PCSX2 spikes up to around 1.4GB (yep!) I completed a mission while only running into two MicroVU1 cache limit errors, though it's definitely not possible to play the game for extended periods of time in one sitting right now. The game doesn't use a lot of VRAM though (I was testing in native res anyway), so that doesn't seem to be a contributing factor.
Just did some more testing with Saiki, where it was determined that the issues stem from gsdx plugin. The gsdx plugin crashes and begins acting up, rather than PCSX2 itself. Sometimes when switching between HW & SW mode, it won't let you switch anymore.

This post says the crashing was fixed, but as of r5919, it's broken again with a gsdx memory bug. Crashes within 20 minutes of in-game gameplay.

edit: Also, the MicroVU1 cache never goes above 66.7% in the console log. Once it gets to about 65%, it goes really slow, then stalls at 66.7%.

edit2: Okay, this is odd. My cache has shot past that, and has been going above ~74%. It's all over the place.
well, the tests on my machine were with 16gb of ram, which is why it never went over 67%

it crashed before PCSX2 could allocate anything more
I will test this game tonight when I have more time and report back here my findings, and see if i can't narrow down what is causing the problem.

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