Kindom Hearts II Final Mix + freezing while saving
I've played through most of Kingdom Hearts 2's story on Normal, when I decided to get the special ending. After looking at the requirements, I figured that I could complete the game on Critical Mode in about the same amount of time filling out the Journal and finishing all the Gummi missions would take.

I've downloaded and used the translation patch to this version, and the only issue I've encountered before this incident at Beast's Castle were dialog boxes being replaced by (FAKE) messages. I just swapped over to an unpatched iso for that world and had gotten through up to the Xemnas with no trouble.

Now I've run into an issue at Beast's Castle in my new Critical Mode run. After beating the Shadow Stalker/Dark Thorn boss, I can't save. Every time I go to a save point and access either memory card, the game hangs. The little spinning lights stop moving but the music still plays and I don't get any indication of an error from PCSX2. No red code, no error message, nothing. It just sits there, trying to access the memory card for over an hour. I can play normally after the boss, at least until Timeless River, I just can't use a save point to save.

I've tried just doing Beast's Castle after Olympus Coliseum, but that's a bust.

I've tried getting through the boss with the patched iso, but the game hangs again just after the cutscene introducing the Shadow Stalker.

I would just use savestates in between gaming sessions, but I'd like the English subtitles. And that requires switching to the patched iso, which can't even get to the boss. And swapping isos mid-play does nothing but cause the game to hang when accessing menus.

And I'm not tech savvy enough to hack the game into registering the world as finished and adding the Ability, Bonus Level, and Cure I get from finishing the boss. Which is honestly all I want, really. I never liked the world in the first place, and now I'm absolutely sick of it.

Any help would be appreciated, though the help being targeted to someone with minimal technical ability would be even more appreciated.

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Is there any other save point you can try or something?
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I've tried a save point in Olympus Coliseum, Hollow Bastion, Land of Dragons, and Disney Castle. No difference is made. I haven't tried more than one from each world because the boss fight gets tiring after the twelfth time you beat it.

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