King Of Fighters XI (aka KOF 11) - lines
Tried PSX2 for the first time today, using 0.9.8. Very impressed with it so far, just set up my controller and dug out an .ISO from my collection, and it played straight up. Well done!

KOF 11 is fully playable, but has a couple of issues though. There are thin lines here and there, under the status bar, in the background etc.

Also not sure about the hitsparks and energy effects, are they meant to look so ... weak? But it's been a long time since I saw this game at the arcade, I can only compare it to the NeoGeo titles.

Can I apply SuperEagle or HQ2X to the character sprites only?

Has anyone discovered "nice" settings for this game that make it look the best?

Thanks for reading! Tongue

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You can set GSdx to do software rendering for a mostly accurate look.
Thanks for the reply, going to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings... and turning off Texture filtering removes the lines. This does nothing about the pixelated characters in front of a hi-res background. Looks like an out-of-focus photo :-P The game is just like that, I suppose it was less noticeable on a CRT.

Should tie me over until XIII arrives in my mailbox. ;-)
As I said, try changing the renderer to DX10 software for the original look.

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