King of the Fighter Maximum Impact 2 [Crash}
I used 0.096 to run this and it crashes. Is this game compatible or no? couldn't even find its listing on the compatible list. If anyone could run this, please leave setting here. thank you!

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King of fighters max impact is listed playable but the second is not listed so chances are either it has not been tested or does not work with pcsx2.
you can try to disable hacks and using various advanced settings. Also try enabling NATIVE option in GSdx config.
I have this game. I made an ISO from the original disk and it work on 0.9.6.

GSDX 0.1.12 (0.1.14 gives weird graphics on the models. like eyes bulging out of the sockets)

SSSPSX Pad Plugin

Linuzapps ISO CDVD

SPU2Ghz Playground 1.9.0

v1.60 Bios Dumped from my ps2.

X2 Cycle Rate
Checked INTC Sync Hack
Checked IOP x2 Cycle Rate

CPU COnfig
Default (xept for limit FPS if too fast)

Runing on:
Athlon x2 6000+ (Windsor)
2x2GB Kingston Value Ram, DDR2 800
Inno3D 9600GT Accelero S1 512MB DDR3
SoundBlaster Audigy Value

gets about 60fps on Menu's and 33 to 40fps ingame.
Hey guys, good news. I can't get Maximum Impact 2 to run... BUT I got King of the Fighters 2006 (American version of Maximum Impact 2) to run. Oh well, at least I got something working. Thanks both of you for your help!

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