King's Field 4: bug or personal issue?
edit: sorry for not using the search function beforehand, Kayser292 posted the solution for this in a earlier post about this bug
Quote:There is a fix for this in PCSX2. You must change the EE recompiler option to "Negative" instead of "Zero/Chop", and then load up your game, and the game will successfully load the missing areas. Once you get into the previously missing area, change the EE setting back to "Zero/Chop," as it causes many other glitches.
this method fixed the issue for me.

kings field 4 has been running absolutely flawless so far but theres 1 tiny spot where textures get unloaded and refuse to reload again, causing me to be trapped in a big black void, falling of the map and dieing. i tried multiple settings and hacks but no success so far. has anyone had this similar problem?

i'm including a video here so its easier to understand. in only happens in this specific part too and 100% of the time. i hope talking to this npc isnt playing a big part in this game lol.


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