Kingdom Heart 1 lag
I am having a serious issue playing my Kingdom heart 1 iso.

Here are my system things,
[Image: 091016212258.jpg]

I am not sure whats wrong but whenever I start playing , everything is fine, until after 4-5 minutes or even a fight it starts to lag really bad.

Can anybody help?

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Well if you can, find out what your graphics card is.

I tended to have problems running off of a similar processor a while back. I used ClockGen (search for it in google) to overclock my CPU higher. Just read up on how to use it before you do, or else you may end up doing a lot of harm.
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your CPu's weak for pcsx2.
try speedhacks and latest pcsx2 & gsdx betas.
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To find out your graphics card: Start > Run > type 'dxdiag' and click OK > click on Display tab.
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
Here is a picture of my graphic card,

[Image: 091017183234.jpg]
You need to click on the Display tab in dxdiag to find your graphics card. That screenshot still doesn't give your graphics card.
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
My bad
[Image: 091017205014.jpg]

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