Kingdom Hearts
After the cut scene with the first boss battle (the purple on in traverse city)
it gets stuck while talking to Leon and the two other girls.
I'm using PCSX2 0.9.7
Any ideas?

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Make sure you have:

1)All speed hacks OFF
2)All game fixes OFF
3)Clamping for EE and VU to at least normal (also try full and extra+preserve sign)
4)Patches are OFF
5)Load from a memory card save and not a state

Then try again (loading from memcard as 5 says)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks that fixed my problem.
In case anyone else gets this problem,just do as Bositman says,and set the Clamping for EE and VU to "Normal".
you see you are not supposed to change those things or use speedhacks. so if you do it then you are on your own Tongue
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Well,if I recall right,the only thing I had that was different from the list,was some speedhacks.
But I'll make sure to disable them and set these options to their defaults before I ask for help next time.
Thanks for the heads up.
l[Shady]l so in order to get pass this you start all the way from memsave?
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Yes,you start from a regular Save on the memory card,not a save state.
And you set both clampings to normal + no speed hacks,worked like and charm and still working.
(thank Bositman for it)
P.S. sorry for the late reply I just checked the thread now.

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