Kingdom Hearts
Hey guys, I'm kinda new to this whole Pcsx2 thing.
I found out about from playing the GBA emulator, cuz if they made one for the GBA, what about other consoles? Tongue

Well, i've looked at many websites about how to use it and how to config the crap.
So i decided that i wanted to get Kingdom hearts 1.
So i download Kingdom Heart 1 iso.rar file and when it was completed, i opened it up to only see a bunch of files I have no idea what to do with. Here's a screen shot of the files:

[Image: UnknownFiles.jpg]

When i tried to open the files with the pcsx2 thing by clicking that run option, it would SEEM to run normally, but act as if there is no game: ~

[Image: PS2.jpg]

Here are my configurations: ~

[Image: Config.jpg]

So, did i do something wrong here? If i did, i'm not really sure.
I assumed that i downloaded the wrong Kingdom hearts file.
But the thing is, i could only file 2 torrents that offered KH1, and there were only 5 seeders in one and none in the other (so it took forever).

If i DID download the wrong one, could someone send me a link or something? O.o

Now if i did this completely wrong from the start...not only do i suck, i really need your help you guys. Phweaze!

You can e-mail me at [email protected]

I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you again.

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Quote:So i download Kingdom Heart 1 iso.rar

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