Kingdom Hearts
Long time visitor, first time poster and i just registered. (so hello)

Well, i've been around for some time now, and you guys helped me with the guides and your posts and in the past i had successfully played FF X (and X-2) with previous Pcsx2 versions.

With Pcsx2 v0.9.6 in my greasy palms, i thought i should try Kingdom Hearts.

Let me just fill you all in, with my Pc specs:

CPU: Core2 Duo 2Ghz
Graphs Card: 9600M GT (RAM: 512MB) (Driver version: Date of it: 8/12/2008)
OS: Windows Xp Service Pack 3
DirectX: 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

Pcsx2 specs (well i'm using the plugins that are included in the latest Pcsx2 cause they are updated):

Pcsx2 0.9.6
Graphs: Gsdx9 (tried ALL resolutions and options)
Sound: SPU2 - X 1.1.0
Controllers: Lillypad 0.9.9

Lets focus on the problem now.

I have read Bositman's guide and my Pcsx2 emulator was good to go and load my Kingdom hearts. After reading several posts here i thought that this game runs perfectly with the latest plugins etc etc.

So, game intro runs great. Smooth with no sound glitches and overall great frames.

As soon i gain control of Sora in-game, i witnessed lazy graphics in the area. (i'm gonna post some pics) (but that's not really my problem). I was testing the frames in the beach (the area where you start) and i was confused. At some points i had 60fps (99% cpu usage) with the music really insync maybe sometimes too speedy, and in other points like 27-28fps with really slow, out of sync and deep sound.

And I was wondering, i'm doing something wrong?
Can my rig support Pcsx2 with good numbers in fps?
Should i abandon the idea of playing Kingdom Hearts?

I should add, that i tried ALL available options in the graphics plug in, and my Pcsx2 emulator is properly configured, with Bositman's guide. (Dual core Cpu options etc etc)

I'm gonna post the pictures now.
I'm hoping that someone can actually help me Smile

Overall, great job guys in the emulator.
You all have my deepest respect.

Thanks and have a great day.



** Note that the last two pictures are take at the exact same point in the game, with only the camera aimed to the sea (29fps) and to the opposite side (60fps)

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this is common
don't worry about this , the beach is the only area in the game that has such terrible FPS otherwise the game runs super fine , so patience young one , clear the beach and enjoy
See the 99% in the GSdx title bar? It shows your GPU is maxing out,so that is causing your FPS drops. Disable filtering,set Pixel Shaders 3 in GSdx and lower the internal resolution (or check native).Also,disable wait vsync and enable logarithmic z. You should get a large fps boost Wink Oh and also use the SSE4 version of gsdx since your CPU supports it.
Glad to see someone read my guide Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks for the replies guys. I really appreciate your time.

So, i managed to make the graphs better (quality wise) with your suggestions Bostiman. And i just finished beach chapter.

So, i'm in tranverse town.

The game still lags in certain points. IE large buildings and fights with loads of enemies.

I guess its my rig right? i did tried everything...

Here some more pics and the settings screen.

Thanks once again.


Well, since you're using laptop the first thing to do is to disable all the bios/winxp/3rd party software power saving options. Mobile videos are pretty much crap, one of the screenshots reports 77% GSDx processor usage which is alot for KH I think, so the problem may lie with your video.

And by the way, 99% isn't a processor usage, it's just an overall speed in %... Only GSDx processor usage is reported on PCSX2 (the right % value), to see the actual one you'll need to check through task manager.
(03-28-2009, 01:25 PM)Lcfr Wrote: CPU: Core2 Duo 2mhz
Laugh is it 2 MHz or 2 GHz Tongue

anyways it's as Cain said the cpu usage shown in pcsx2 is only for Gsdx Smile
Windows 7 64bit
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 OC to 3.6GHz, Intel GMA x4500, 1GB DDR2

NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
Well, try a few speed hacks. I'm thinking of x2 cycle rate and/or intc sync hack.
Maybe the speedup is enough to help those scenes. Just remember the hacks can make the emu unstable Wink
(03-29-2009, 06:08 AM)rama Wrote: Well, try a few speed hacks. I'm thinking of x2 cycle rate and/or intc sync hack.
Maybe the speedup is enough to help those scenes. Just remember the hacks can make the emu unstable Wink

Yup, but at least for my rig, the speed hacks should work pretty well. Hopefully they will for you, too because they give a great speedup on many games, and Kingdom Hearts is one of the most compatible.
Want to stream your games? Let me know and I can help you get set up with Open Broadcaster Software.
Cheers for the replies once again guys.

I'll try the speed hacks and i'll let you all know.



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