Kingdom Hearts 1

I have been playing KH1 for about 30 minutes now and everything was fine until I reach the first island. I get a major FPS drop and game slowing. I get to 30 but it is unplayable and so slow! Here is my configuration for PCSX2. Please let me know if there is something that would make the game more playable for me!

[Image: pcsx2configqm8.jpg]

[Image: pcsx2config2kf2.jpg]
[Image: pcsx2config3ex9.jpg]


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Same thing happens with FF XII but this one get 12FPS from the beginning. I'd like to play my PS2 game as my PS3 doesn't have that stupid backward compatibility!

I believe that you're using a pretty ancient version of GSDX, I'd suggest trying out one of the newer versions. I've not actually tried Kingdom Hearts yet, but I'd imagine updating GSDX could make a difference.

Also, if that doesn't help, you should probably post your computer specs.

PS You can grab GSDX on the plugins page at
You must update Gsdx and maybe try another sound plugin like ZeroSpu or SPU2Ghz... I thinkk that will give you some benefits Laugh
You'll get a huge speed boost by using the patch we have for the VM version of PCSX2 (just enable patches)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I think my patches are enabled aleready. I got an improvement on PCSX2 0.9.4 getting to 45 FPS (Still crappy on the PG version) on my screenshot above but it is still slowing the game. Is there a way to avoid that "slowing" and just make the frameskip more evident? (The options in the CPU didnt help). As for FFXII, it is working like crap on PCSX2 but doing fine on the playground version. (Using the same settings except the speed hacks as they arent there in the 0.9.4 version)

[Image: khpcsx2zd2.jpg]
Hmm that's very strange,have you updated your GSdx to the latest version AND the latest DirectX (make sure by running the updater tool here: ).
Can you post your GSdx config also? You should be getting full speed with your you have speedstep or any other power saving utility running?
Also,please use the attachment feature of the forum for pics,the other way breaks the layout
[Image: newsig.jpg]
*that E6750 it's suppose to be at 2.66 ghz default speed....down by 500mhz??

*btw the gsdx was outdated better get the 0.1.12

*in addition get the DirectX version date Nov-2008
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I updated my DirectX last week as it was required to use the latest GSDX. I cannot use SSE41 as my PC Specs aren't compatible with it. There is nothing running in the background while playing the game. It is unplayable during video's as everything is getting slow including the music & voices. I have no extra utilities or tools that could make the game be slow. I formatted my machine a month ago so I doubt its due to corrupted files or whatever! How do I post my GDSX config? If it is the Graphic configs i'll try and post it as an attachment. I really want to play this game as my PS3 has no backward compatibility Sad! Is there a way to just skip frames without slowing the game? I also activated most of the speed hacks and I got a 3fps gain but it is still acting like crap.


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