Kingdom Hearts 1 - Donald and Goofy Pushing You (AI Problem) SOLUTION
I hope this is the right place to post this kind of stuff.

My game is:
Kingdom Hearts (USA) SLUS_20370 CRC=0F6B6315

For a while I had been having problems with Donald and Goofy's AI Breaking when I entered a new location. As soon as the new area loaded they would start running towards Sora and not stop, pushing him around.

I found a few threads mentioning this problem but no one had a solution, So I decided I would post my fix.

Originally I thought it had something to do with my computer specs or my emulator settings but the problem was actually a cheat I had enabled.

This cheat:

(Taken From: )
(These are not converted)

1st Character Codes

1 Infinite HP 2A2772DD 000003E7
2 Max HP 2A2372DD 000003E7
3 Infinite MP 2A2F72DD 000003E7
4 Max MP 2A2B72DD 000003E7

2nd Character Codes

6 Infinite HP 2A4372DE 000003E7
7 Max HP 2A4F72DE 000003E7
8 Infinite MP 2A4B72DE 000003E7
9 Max MP 2A3772DE 000003E7

The problem only occurs when using cheats that target player numbers, 1st 2nd.. etc. Turning them off fixed it. (BTW cheats that target a specific player Sora, Donald, Tarzan I haven't had any problem with)

Not sure how helpful this will be, just figured I'd post it in case anyone else encounters this problem and wants a solution.

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Pnach files can definitely cause some strange side effects. FFX is another one of those games that have weird things occur when using pnach cheats. Thankfully there is a save editor instead for FFX.

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