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Kingdom Hearts 1- Needing Help - Slowdown Issue
Hello! I'm new to pcsx2, downloaded it yesterday so I don't know much....
First of all, my specs:
CPU Intel COREi5-2500k 3,3 Quad 6mb cache
4gb RAM Ddr3
Windows 7 64bits
Geforce 9400gt 512

Ok, the GPU sux. Still, my problem is only on some parts of the game: On Destiny islands, the cutscenes when sora, kairi and riku are talking to each other, if i'm using gsdx directx10 hardware, when the camera goes to an angle that takes the ocean, my FPS goes from 60 stable to 14. If instead I use directx10 software, it keeps up the 60fps stable, but when I get near the waterfall or there are many effects on screen, fps drops to 14.

Any tips? Wacko

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Tip 1: use the GT 9400, GSDX hardware mode, native resolution
Tip 2: use the Intel HD 3000, GSDX hardware mode, native resolution
Tip 3: use GSDX software mode with 3 extra render threads

Test and see which is fastest.
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 | nVidia GeForce GTX 750 | 4 GiB DDR3 @ 533 Mhz | MSI G41M-P28 | Cooler Master RS-390-PMSR-A3 | Xigmatek TYR SD962 | LG Flatron W1943SE | HP KB-0316 | MotoSpeed F60
Can you give us a setup of GSdX and what Speedhacks you use?
I think the use of 8bit textures is responsible for that since your GPU is too weak for that alternative.
I'm using GSdx32-SSE4-r5336, Direct3D (Hardware), Blend tff for interlacing; Native PS2 resolution, with Texture filtering. All other options are turned off. (when I change to Software, it doesn't slowdown in the cutscene, but it does when there are many particle effects, like in the waterfall).
As for the speedhacks, i'm not using EE Cycle or VU Cycle stealing; for the other hacks i'm using all except the CDVD one.

Thanks for the quick reply guys

I mean, the game IS running really smooth. I really get 60 fps everywhere; except in the mentioned cutscene, where it goes down to 14 fps, wich is making no sense to me why.
Tip 2: use the Intel HD 3000, GSDX hardware mode, native resolution

I'm sorry, what is the Intel HD 3000 and how do I use it? D: Sorry, I know that's a dumb question >.<
You need to search in youtube ps2 kingdom hearts 1 walktrough and you can find the solution to pass the game
Ok guys, nevermind this topic: Tip 3: use GSDX software mode with 3 extra render threads.
It solved the slowdown issue in software mode near the waterfalls or when there are many particles in the screen; now game is running perfectly ;D

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