Kingdom Hearts 1 Slight Issue
Hey. So, when playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and on Destiny Islands, when Im facing a detailed part, my fps goes from 60 to 40-45. Two questions:
1. Is my pc powerful enough to play this game and/or this emu? I looked at the requirements thread and it said it will run with great speed. (pc info at bottom)
2. I have the emu at default settings. What settings should I change to make the emu work better? I don't mind sacrificing some graphics or sound as long as it is not too bad.

Thank you so much for the help in advance! Smile

CPU: AMD A8 6410 APU Quad Core @2.00 Ghz
GPU: AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
Ram: 4gb
HDD: 750gb (263gb free)
OS: Windows 8 (the 8 os dosent effect games like it used to so I know my os wont bother it)

If its possible, post the screenshots to how I should change the settings unless just typing it would be easier for you.

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CPU too slower
console log ??
pcsx2 version ??
In addition to what yxmline said:

What kind of settings do you use? (screenshots or detailed text)
What are your EE% and GS% readings during slowdown?
your cpu is quite weak, try overclocking, and use some speed hacks if you want to gain a little fps.and, post a screenshot of your settings and say the ee and gs readings while slow down to provide with more info.
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My cpu is quite slow? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! s.sakash, ur credibility is lost now. My cpu runs some of the brand new games of today. Its a QUAD CORE dude. Quad core. Meaning four cores. Oh boy. That's hilarious. If u meant to put GPU, then ok. U got a valid point but not my cpu. PLUS! On a thread for pcsx2, my cpu is under the title of "being able to run at a very good speed" or something like that.

Now, like I said, its all default settings.
On slowdown:
FPS: 38-45 fps
EE: 75% - 95%
GS: 55% - 65%
VU: 55% - 75%
UI: 0% to 3%
Again, this is only at a detailed part. Anywhere else, 60fps. Perfect speed. And my dettins are exactly default. Whatever comes with the pack s what I kept it as. Could my bios effect speed too?
Your CPU is TOO SLOW. It's not very wise (or nice) to come on a forum full of people who know a lot more about this emulator than you do and then insult what they tell you.

See here:

Your single threaded is 882. Even low demanding games will struggle with that. You need a minimum of 1400 there for good experience with most games in PCSX2, and ideally 1800. KH might be okay around 1200. But again, you don't have that.
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Yeah Kh needs about 1250 or so for single thread

But yeah, Lose the attitude, your number of coees means almost nothing
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The kid had his answer, no need to feed the troll.
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