Kingdom Hearts 2
Hello everyone! It's cool to finally hear the news of the PCSX2 1.0.0395!

Although i am having a bit of trouble here, specifically with KH2.

Here are my specs:

AMD Phenomx3 8550 @ 2.2GHz
4.5gb RAM
Geforce 9800 GT (512mb)
Windows Vista x64

My version of PCSX2 Playground:

PCSX2 Playground 1.0.0395 VM

Plugins and settings:

ZeroGS 0.97.1
Interlace enabled
Bilinear filtering OFF
No antialias
640x480 res

Normal framerate, performs better than frameskips

Speedhacks "SPEED" option is selected, problem still occurs when "STABLE"
and "NOTHING" is selected

And my ADVANCED SETTINGS are default...


First, using zeroGS plugin during battle, when Donald casts magic like thunder, and the defenses in Hallow Bastion activate at the same time, plus my attack, (means heavy in graphical effects) the FPS goes from 60 to 5. Other games like KH1 and Grandia3 dont.

Also, sometimes it will crash after it turns gray.

I also tried with Gsdx, the latest 0.1.12, same thing. And zeroGS seems to be better for mine.

I know it is not too compatible but I see many videos of KH2 running at decent speeds... Any help with configuring the plugins and CPU?

Thanks a lot! Smile

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As you said these are known issues.Both the gray screen and the extreme FPS drop when munni or hp/mp balls spawn on screen are problems which you can't avoid.Plus,your Phenom clocked at 2,2 Ghz doesn't help the speed I guess what you're getting is pretty normal
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I confirm, i'm getting the same problems.

The KH2 videos that you see are automatically speeded up. If you make a video, it will be real-speeded up.
So my settings are fine then? it really is just an incompatibility?

oh well, i'll just have to bear the constant crashes then.... XD Thanks!
compile new rev and you'll like it ;D cuz it's fully playable <3

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