Kingdom Hearts 2 Controls
Hello Pcsx2 Community
I just got Kingdom Hearts 2 and want to play it on pc with keyboard
but when i tried to configurate the keyboard controls but i don't get it how Wacko
Would be really nice if u helped me

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buy and use a gamepad
games like this are balls on a keyboard
What do you not get? You click on the PS2 buttons on the right and each time you click one, you then press the keyboard button you want to assign to that PS2 button. Repeat for all
[Image: newsig.jpg]
@Squall Leonhart Sorry but i play on pc only with keyboard
@Bositman which PS2 buttons??? If u mean the buttons on Configuration i tried but nothing happens
Oh sorry i'm using 1.0.0 it could be that it was the problem
sorry if it's so Wacko
SORRY SORRY SORRY it was really a bug with the version
It's as possible to play this game on a keyboard as playing piano and use your fingers for 4 different octaves at the same time. It's not that it's impossible but it kills the joy of the game and it adds way too much difficulty to it that it defeats it's actual purpose. Because of the nature of our fingers (physical size, maximum distance you can strech your fingers) it's nearly impossible to map 4 circulal mapped sections (digital,2xanalog triggers and the X,Spuare,O and Triangle) which are need to get used simulataneously to control most games.
The only games you can do it without issue is games like Tekken which need just 8 buttons, the digital and the 4 buttons on the right.

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