Kingdom Hearts 2 FM Soud Issue
Well, I was running an older rev of PCSX2 (r4600) until I found the latest one r4839 (or something like that) and while I was using r4600 the game ran fine. 60fps, no sound issues, perfect. So I tried loading up my data again to try it out and the game itself runs fine, but the sound, oh my God the sound. It sounds like something out of a horror movie.

I thought at first, it could be the speed hacks so I turned them off, to no avail unfortunately. So I am just confused. Has there been any similar issues with the newer revs?

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SPU2-X r4834 has some problems with some systems, better try something older.
You can always just use the SPU2-X from r4600 with the new pcsx2 instead.
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It's fine now. I just changed the interpolation from Catmull to Hermite. I sometimes just some strange sounds, but nothing compared to what it was.

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